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Beautiful Budapest

Two cities separated by the Danube River became one and formed one of Europe's most beautiful capitals. Today, Budapest has also grown in the number of tourist visits, as well ...Read more »

15-05-2014 Klara R. Views 3703Comments 0Likes 3

“París del Este”

Budapest, la capital de la República de Hungría, está considerada por muchos visitantes como el “París del Este” por su particular encanto; es la metrópolis del este de Europa Cent...Read more »

07-04-2014 Marco P. Views 2997Comments 0Likes 1

Budapest - "Paris of the East"

Budapest, capital of the Republic of Hungary, is considered by many visitors to be the "Paris of the East" because of its particular charm; it is the most densely populated and cul...Read more »

03-04-2014 Garon B. Views 2765Comments 0Likes 3

Транспорт Будапешта

Добраться из аэропорта в центр города, доехать до купален, вернуться с поздней прогулки — в Будапеште все это легко и просто сделать, используя общественный транспорт. В любой гос...Read more »

04-02-2013 Artem P. Views 4381Comments 0Likes 1

Budapest is one of the most rewarding cities in Europe to visit!

With a wonderful natural setting straddling the River Danube, beautiful architecture and flavoursome Magyar cuisine, Budapest is one of the most rewarding cities in Europe to visit...Read more »

08-09-2012 lizet l. Views 3609Comments 0Likes 0

The city with elegant beauty and romantic atmosphere

Budapest is a city for all to enjoy. A holiday in Budapest can be a romantic get-away for two, a memorable experience for music or opera fundis, fun for families, fascinating for s...Read more »

24-07-2012 dimaz d. Views 3721Comments 0Likes 0

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