Halászbástya, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


Halászbástya, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Fisherman´s Bastion at the night

Fisherman’s Bastion - very romantic place!

On a summer night this is one of the most romantic spots in all of Budapest possibly in all of Central Europe. The lights of Budapest glow and reflect off the river, the chain bridge across the Danube is all lit up and if you have the right person with you this might even be 5 star attraction. However for me personaly ( sad to say ) it was barely a 3 star, so I will split the difference for you.

No one seems to know why this is so named - it has certainly never been called on to defend anything. The stories say that in the old days this was where the fishermen defended Castle Hill from. It stands behind Matyas Church, overlooking the river and was built around 1900 by the same person who was responsible for the reconstruction of the church.

There is a small fee to pay to climb up it, but it is worth it for the views. It makes for some of the finest photo opportunities in all of Budapest. You can walk down the hill through the park from here, which is worth doing as it means you will arrive at the small flat area immediately above the entrance to the tunnel before continuing your descent.

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