Margaret Island, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


Margaret Island, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

City park in Margaret Island

A great place to relax

I loved sitting by the fountain and listening to the classical music as the wind blew through my hair. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep on the park bench. There is also a track that goes all around the island. Budapest must be a safe place to be because there were young women jogging after dark. It had a nice feel to it but there´s not a whole lot to do until the evening.

Despite its central location, Margaret Island is extremely peaceful. In summer, it is popular with the locals who come here to relax. Rent a bicycle, jog, swim in one of two pools, throw a Frisbee or just stroll around. This was originally a religious centre. The ruins of St Margaret´s Dominican nunnery are on the east side near the ruins of a Franciscan church. The water tower is a listed building. A very fine lunch can be had in the Ramada Grand Hotel at the north-east end of the island.

07-07-2012 - anamari a.



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